We’re Home!!! – Terri L.

So, clearly the everyone blogging on the last week of BayUP thing didn’t work.

We as a team did come to the realization that just because we’re done with BayUP doesn’t mean we have to stop blogging about it.  I think part of what we learned during debrief was how to integrate what we learned into our normal lives.  So here’s some of my first reactions after less than 6 hours after the end of BayUP.

1.  Technology is updated really fast.

After coming back, I have 20 updates for apps on my phone and both facebook and google have been updated and look different on my computer.  Google implemented a new inbox for gmail and I’m a little lost.  Not sure if I like it or not.

2. Life is stressful.

Okay, so some of you are thinking, “Well, duh.”, but it’s crazy.  I have to turn in an application for a leadership program, I think I missed a creative writing class deadline (which means my schedule is up in the air and needs to be revamped), and my IV fellowship wants me to be back in Berkeley two days before the date of my flight back up.  Why do I have to think about school now?  Can’t I just relax for a couple weeks?  Some interesting and important decisions need to be made soon and I don’t know if I’m ready.

3. Being alone is weird.

After spending the past six weeks in almost constant contact with people, being in my apartment by myself is weird.  For a second, as I looked out my window into the night, I felt kind of scared.  Which makes no sense, Berkeley streets are much safer than Oakland streets.  Without having the BayUP community around me all the time, I think I feel more vulnerable.  This is definitely a new thought.

4. Constant sound is overwhelming.

Before BayUP, I used to constantly listen to music, but when I turned on my music earlier, it was just too much.  I feel like God pushed a reset button on my focus and attention span.  I don’t think I’ve appreciated silence like this since middle school.  I do miss my music though.  I’ll just have to take it slow – and reconsider this constant music thing.

5. My stomach hurts.

Haha, so that seemed out of place, but it relates – I promise.  For dinner, because it took so long to get into my apartment (key shenanigans), I went out to eat with Michelle instead of making my own food.  We went to Berkeley Thai House and got boba at Moccachino after.  It was really great.  I think it’s the first time all year that I’ve spent money on myself and not felt guilty about it.  But, I also noticed that restaurant food is a lot heavier than the food that I’ve been eating for the past six weeks.  Something to keep in mind when I return home to family in SoCal Saturday morning.

Yup, so those are my first five reactions so far.  Although we’re done with the program, please keep praying for us as we re-enter our normal lives as changed people.  Pray for a smooth transition, many people to talk and process with, and healthy reactions to re-entry culture shock.





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