I’m so fancy… and you already kno-o-ow

This song, along with a lot of hip-hop/Top 40 music, has been our theme song for the past few weeks. Since we’re not allowed access to our personal music libraries, the radio is our go-to music source. And I swear, this song has been so deeply embedded in our minds that once the first few tunes of this song start, we drop everything and sing to it to the top of our lungs. Because you know, we all resonate to it. Because we’re all fancy. 

Hello everyone. Long time no write. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to update for a while. We have been extremely busy at work and Program Days (where we intensively study a particular social justice issue for a whole day through discussions, exercises, Scripture, and reflections). So you can all better understand my excuse, here’s a recap of our past week:

Marilu, Ciantelle, and I were busy at Street Level. Street Level was understaffed last Monday, so the three of us had to fill in some jobs. Marilu translated for most of the day at the front desk and around (as most of Street Level’s community members are Spanish-speaking). Ciantelle lent a hand to cook some awesome pasta and salad for lunch for the community members, while I handed out boxed breakfasts for day laborers in the morning as staff and I drove around Oakland. On Thursday, Marilu helped enter medical records into a database, while Ciantelle and I organized all the clutter in the storage area. 

Estelle and Jason were quite busy as well. From the stories I hear, the kids at College Track are a bit of a pain, especially for Jason who’s still trying to figure out how to tickle his students’ fancy. Last Friday, they went on a field trip with their students to Holy Names University. 

We also spent a whole day learning issues about immigration for our Program Day. This issue hits close to home for some of us, so it was definitely a day of learning and trying not to break into tears in front of everyone.  

Despite the crazy schedules, all of us are eating healthy. Because we have a vegetarian in our team, most of our meals have been largely composed of greens and fruits. At first, I was worried that I won’t survive for too long on such a healthy diet, but I’m actually getting more accustomed to it. Eating healthier is something we’ll definitely be taking with us after BayUP. 

We’re also trying to get as much rest and fun. Marilu, Jason, and I (along with other BayUP students) went to Jack London Square last Friday night to get our hips shaking and heads bobbing to some meringue (it was their weekly dance night on the square). We’re also sleeping enough, so don’t worry!

Well, that’s pretty much all of this past week. I’ll definitely try to set some time aside to update next time 🙂 Please pray for us and come to our Visitor’s Day on July 19th if you can! 


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