Harbor House Team Quotes :)

“We were breastfed hot sauce.” – Michelle

 (on our harbor house women who were talking about how they can handle hot sauce)

“I throw my purse in a tree before I’m about to fight… you know… just so people don’t get it.” – Michelle

“You don’t get this booty by punching this booty.” – Michelle

  (Michelle making a reference to exercise by responding to how someone’s friend exercises by punching her abs lol)

“My grandma just died and her last wish was for me to see the stars. She named one after me!” – Michelle

(Sob story designed to try to get us into the observatory for free… sadly… it was never carried out.)

Michelle & Galvin: 

Michelle: (refering to gestures) 

“I always stuff things into my shirt… I should start stuffing things into my pants because I have a big booty.”

  *Comment about how it would look lumpy*


” It’s always been like that.”

” That’s Trifling!” -Galvin’s catchphrase

“I was lost and now I’m found.  But sometimes I get lost again.” -Dana


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